Sunrise Way Rehab TESTIMONIALS


Sunrise Way saved my life

“When I got to Sunrise Way I didn’t know how sick I was. I was to the point where I had to do something, or die”.

Ex resident, Ian O’Phee, is now our Peer Support Worker for the transition programme.

“I love being back at Sunrise Way and seeing people getting better and being part of that. I know how hard it is. When you live with alcohol and drug addiction, your whole life is shackled – everything revolves around your addiction. It is no way to live. It takes your soul.”

“Through counsellors here and AA I learnt to look inside me and stop blaming others. I’ve got my confidence, self believe and sanity back now, I understand my addiction and I have never been this happy and never been this free. I honestly don’t know how long I would have lasted if I didn’t come. here.”

Ex-resident, Ian O’Phee.

It felt like a home, not just a rehab

It has been an amazing journey. From suffering such severe anxiety and depression, within a week of arriving at Sunrise Way I felt like myself. I couldn’t remember ever feeling like that – you put on so many different personas for different roles and events, I’d forgotten who Caroline* really was.”

“The staff here are fantastic, they go above and beyond. And so were the other clients – there were 10 other people at Sunrise Way when I was there, we were all from such different backgrounds and walks of life but we all related. We shared so much in the group sessions – with addiction there’s usually so much before that leads to addiction. You need to deal with the pain and other negative emotions. We laughed with each other, we told each other how it was. But the responsibility for our recovery was always put back on us – we owned it – that’s really important.”

“I love the actual block here as well, there’s so much space and so many trees! It’s peaceful. It felt like a home, not just a rehab.”

Caroline* Sunrise Way graduate

Rehab was completely not what I expected…but in a good way.

“I arrived at the front door with my bag scared, frightened, and crying… and really disappointed in myself in allowing it to get to this stage. I never thought I’d end up in rehab. But I’m so grateful, this place has turned my life around in more ways than one. I’ve gotten ME back thanks to this place.”

“The staff are amazing. I’ve developed the skills to make sure I won’t drink again: I’m certain of that. Physically, I feel like a new person, I’ve got so much energy. I’m very clearheaded now – my mind used to be a washing machine of information I couldn’t process when I was drinking. I’ve started to see the big picture. Security and stability is what I need to help me stay sober.”

“Sunrise Way helped me literally turn my life around. I was able to make amends to people that I needed to, I’ve restored my relationship with my 11 year old boy who I never used to have time for, work opportunities have opened up. My family have their son and brother back, my nieces and nephews have Uncle Grant* back. I’ve wasted 15 years of my life, but I won’t waste a day more.”

“I have so much gratitude and appreciation for everyone at Sunrise Way. They’re big bold words, but they mean nothing to what they’ve done for me. Rehab was completely not what I expected, but in a good way.”

Grant*, Sunrise Way Graduate

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